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2010-09-06 03:53:22 by ChickenPickle

Welcome to my ChickenPickle breeding facility. This facility is open to the public. By making a small donation, you will help raise awareness for ChickenPickles all across the world!

The ChickenPickle is a marvelous species, with a keen sense of smell, and vision better than a human's, the ChickenPickle is capable of helping a blind person.

Chickenpickles don't have legs, but they have the ability to roll around, and if you adopt one as a pet, they don't require any special food. Just lay them close to your head at night, and they will clean out your nostrils!

The consumption of the ChickenPickle is highly forbidden.
The ChickenPickle, being a rare and endangered species, not only would feel sad if you ate it, it would also release a potent poison into your bloodstream, swelling your buttocks rapidly.

Adopt a ChickenPickle today, at your local animal shelter, or by calling 1-800-CHKPICK

I crack myself up.